You may have the next phase of your life worked out and feel fully prepared, planned for and competant to realize all of your plans but you will of course be the exception to the great many people who decide to move abroad from their countrys of origin. We can help and this help, or facilitation, goes far beyond simply helping you find, evaluate, and purchasing a piece of real estate.In fact, your purchase will probably be the easiest part of the transition you have chosen and are working towards.

We can certainly assist you in finding the most ideal property at the most affordable price in our market. At least as importantly, we can also help you acquire the property within your means and this may not always be as evident and obvious as it first appeared pre-purchase. If it´s not a “Turn-key”. (Move-in-ready) property, you may need assistance in first deciding what it needs to bring it up to your needs and standards and, you may also benefit from assistance in analysing what that will cost and…if that cost fits into your budget? Budget? Isn´t “budget” the sum we have already set aside for the basic purchase? How much more could it cost? That depends upon a lot of factors you would do well to consider in advance of a purchase and a contemplated move south of the border. We can help.

Will your new project be primarily for enjoyment and/or hobby or retirement purposes or will it need to generate income for you to live and eventually retire on? How much space will you need? If you are still thinking in acres, please start getting your mind ready to think in hectares (2.457 acres per HA) and square meters because you may as well get used to metrics now and not doing so could lead to a lot of costly confusion.

Again, how much space will you really need? You may think initially that you will need at least 100 or 200 acres or 200 hectares (491.4 acres)  but when all is said and done, you may find that a 10th or even a 5th of that space will more than meet your needs while minimizing your monthly or annual overhead costs. And remember, the more land you have, the more you will be spending to clean and maintain it..every year..

These details , and so many others, are just a very few of the important questions we and you will eventually consider if you are seriously considering buying rural property in Mexico. As experienced buyers and sellers of real estate or even farming and ranching properties, you may already have a wealth of invaluable experience under your belt but we are very confident that it will be in your best interest to consider all of your details and desires and experiences, as they may apply here in this country and culture, at the very least, several times until you are very sure that you have left no stone unturned and no question, however seemingly inconsequential, unanswered.

Simply said, we can help. It is our detail orientation which led us to consider ourselves “Rural Property Facilitators” rather than simply real estate agents. Generally speaking, we are very much dedicated to the intelligent and sustainable use of land and water resources in ways that allow our clients to earn a living from the profits their operations generate. This means that by definition we are usually involved pre-sale and post-sale at least as much as we are in the period immediately leading up to the purchase of the property….

Sorry for the long-winded intro but as noted above, we think that the issues and skills and approaches mentioned are the most impórtant for our clients and we also feel that it is esential from the outset for potential clients to know how we work

We have been in commercial and rural real estate since 1976. We have worked (and were licensed in) California, USA, in Costa Rica, and now in Mexico since 2003. We have also been involved in the family construction business since 1962 and had our own general Contracting and Roofing licences in California starting in 1982. We are master carpenters, interior and landscaping designers and have been building and designing in California, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico since 1982 and more recently, full-time, in Mexico since since 2003.

Since 1972, we have been involved intermittantly in reforestation and habitat restoration projects in California, Guatemala, and Mexico and just this past year planted over 17,000 tree starts on 25 hectares/65 acres, our own ranch/farm here in the Yucatán. We have been plantin Neem, Moringa, and coconut palms extesively on this same ranch since 2008.

Two of our number have advanced degrees and have been teachers and school principals as well as police officers and forensic specialists and we all have spent many years working in community development projects from the reservations of the American South West to rural communities in Nicaragua, Guatemala and in more recent years in Mexico since 2003.

There is much more but this will do for now. Suffice to say that we are dedicated over many, many years to the betterment of our clientsd and the communities we live and work in.

One last point: We have all had to deal with some fairly serious health issues over the the past 3-4 years and so, though it´s hard to say, have had to semi-retire or at least cut back considerably from earlier committments, projects, and unremitting schedules. To the extent that we can still offer 100% quality service we have therefore cut back or limited the number of projects we take on. We may have cut back on quantity therefore but we will never hedge on quality since your job or p´roject is our job or project as well.

Please feel free to contact us directly with additional or specific questions regarding our site and our work. Thank you for your interest!